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The Assorted Box

Starting At $29.99/m

A World Tour Every Month

The assorted box is for people who crave diversity! No need to do one country per month, the assorted box provides people with a mini-world tour, packed with the most popular snacks from different countries.

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What’s Inside?

12+ Snacks

The assorted box comes with 12 or more international snacks from different countries. The countries you get month to month could be repeated, but your snacks will be diverse.


Every box includes wafers, chips, crisps, candy, biscuits, chocolates, cookies, and so much more!


Tourist Guide

Our snack guide tells you more about your foreign snacks so you can not only enjoy your snacks but learn more about the different cultures too.


Boarding Pass

The Snack Voyage boarding pass is designed to help us learn your taste. Just mark which snacks you like most and which snacks you like least so we can customize and import more of your favorite snacks. If a particular snack is voted several times as a least favorite snack, we will stop providing that particular snack.


Trivia Game

Answer international trivia questions and put your international knowledge to the test. You will get access to trivia games as long as your snack box subscription is active.