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Don’t settle for less

A Snack Voyage, we give you the full traveling experience - food, boarding pass, tourist guide and a souvenir. Subscribe to the country box and get a new and exciting country every month or subscribe to the assorted box and experience different countries! Our goal is to give you diversity and authenticity with every snacking experience.

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How Does It Work?

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Step out on the wild side and get these world flavors delivered to your door. With a new international snack box every month, there is no need to settle for mediocre snacks.

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We Deliver

Your box will be shipped in just 48hrs or sooner and delivered by your local mailman within a few days.

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Love Your Snacks

Get ready to eat delicious fan-favorite snacks from cultures from ALL over the world! You’ll soon see why our subscribers call Snack Voyage the best snack box subscription around!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"This snack box was sooo good. I loved the variety of sweet and salty. I also loved the fun aspect of the box where there is trivia and a snack ranking sheet. I loved how fast my box shipped as well. Great box I would 100% recommend."


​"Thanks for the timely delivery of my box of snacks. Order was placed on August 28th late night, received my snack box on September 4th. I enjoyed the snacks and never had enough time go through it before unwrapping the snacks. They were delicious."